Thursday, 2 January 2014

Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses

In this book you'll learn everything you wanted to know about computer viruses, ranging from the simplest 44-byte virus right on up to viruses for 32-bit Windows, Unix and the Internet. You'll learn how anti-virus programs stalk viruses and what viruses do to evade these digital policemen, i

Book about computer assembly viruses

Covers every aspect of computer viruses. Part I explores replication techniques and many virus types, and offers fully functional examples of each type.

Part II introduces anti-virus programs, explains virus detectors, and looks at stealth techniques and polymorphic viruses.

Part III discusses breaking UNIX security and the use of viruses to leak information through covert channels. Includes full source code for 37 viruses and 4 anti-virus programs, plus exercises. Fun for hackers.

You can download this book HERE in pdf format. All credits go to Mark Ludwig the author of the this excellent book.

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